+ Intuitive UI with a beautiful interface
+ Calculate your tip
+ Split bills evenly and accurately with friends
+ Allows you to define your own tip percentage
+ Freedom to define your total
+ Round off your totals
+ ...and much more!

  + Compatible with Apple iPhone® and iPod Touch® (2nd generation)
+ Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update
+ 0.2 free megabytes


Tired of wasting your time splitting bills with friends? Wanna give a 35% tip but don't know exactly how much it is? Then SmartCal is built just for you! Our stylish interface allows you to calculate tips and split the bill with ease. Why waste valuable brain power? Download the app today!


Start by selecting the "bill" text box. Use the number pad on your left to enter your bill. Use back space to delete a value or use up / down arrow to round the number up or down. To Start all over, press the "R" button.

Get Yours!

SmartCalc™ will run right on your Apple iPhone® Apple Touch®!
Go to the iTunes® store now and download yours!

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